Divorcing? 4 Reasons Both Parties Should Meet With A Tax Preparer

Are you getting divorced? While you both have many things to think about and plan right now, one task that should be on both parties' to-do list is to meet with a tax preparer. In fact, this must-do item shouldn't even wait until you file taxes in the spring. Why? Here are four important ways an accountant can help you both now.  1. To Prepare Old Taxes Before entering into divorce negotiations, every couple should ensure that their current and back taxes have been properly filed. Read More 

Three Things You Should Know About Asset Depreciation For Your Small Business

When purchasing assets, every business owner should be aware that the value of most assets will reduce over time. Vehicles, capital equipment, and even inventory will gradually cost less over the years, which means that you'll probably end up selling those items at a lower cost. Accounting standards mandate that depreciation should be classified as a business expense. But how can you determine the depreciation cost, and how does it apply to your small business? Read More 

3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Small Business More Productive

Productivity is important when running a small business. When your business isn't as productive as it could be, you likely miss out on rewarding business deals and prospective profits. Here are a few things you can do to make your small business more productive overall. Invest in Ongoing Training One thing you can do to make your small business run more productively is invest in ongoing training for all of your employees. Read More 

3 Accounting Tips To Help Your Small Business Thrive

When it comes to handling your business, taking care of accounting can be a time-consuming task. By automating your business accounting practices, you can save time and important resources for your small business. Automate Your Payroll One of the first things you should investigate automating is your payroll and time-keeping system. If you are still using a paper system to keep track of employee work time, it is time to switch to a digital system. Read More 

2 Major Ways Medicare Is Different Than Private Health Insurance

As you reach your 65th birthday, not only are you able to celebrate living for six and a half decades, but you are also able to enroll in Medicare. Despite the fact that everyone over 65 qualifies for Medicare, signing up can still be a daunting process. Here are a few things you should understand about Medicare insurance. Family Plans Don't Exist Under Medicare With traditional insurance offered through private employers, you can get some type of family plan. Read More