How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off At Your Own Estate Sale

It is easy to hire estate sale organizers when you are planning to get rid of your own possessions. At an estate sale you are not only making some money, you are also putting good things to use. It is important to give these things you are auctioning real value and not get ripped off. After all, you have spent money on those things, and it doesn't matter if they are used or not. Respecting the things you've invested in is respecting yourself.

Prepare for the Sale

It doesn't matter if you hired estate sale organizers or not, prepping for the sale is always the same. You'll have to sort, assess, photograph and ultimately price. Arrange the items nicely on tables and racks so the prospective customers can have a better look at them. Some items may never be sold. Professionals will be able to determine this prior to the sale. You can decide to either throw them out or try to sell them.

Check Prices Online

A wise thing to do when pricing, is to check the price of similar objects on the internet. This way, you will not under price things of value. You probably forgot how much you spent on that beautiful pillow that was decorating your living room for so long. Maybe you got it in Japan from an artisan, at a high price. It would be a shame to no longer remember such things and price valuable objects at a few dollars.

Decorate the Place

Just like estate sale organizers would say, a nicer place sells better. This is why it is absolutely necessarily for the selling location to look nice and welcoming. People will gather in larger numbers, and you will have more chances to get rid of all the things. Also, when you invest more time and efforts in decorating the place, you can also afford to put higher prices. It is a lot about how people feel, too.

Pay Attention to the Clients' Needs

If you see someone approaching an object, don't just stay there waiting for something to happen. Eye something else that may seem interesting for that person and make suggestions. This is a guaranteed selling strategy and it's sure to work, as long as you are not too intrusive. If you see someone who prefers to look for things quietly, leave them alone to browse. People have different personalities and you wouldn't want to be rude.

While it sounds easy to just sell your things, it is not. That's why it is wise to hire estate sale organizers and let the breakup between you and your things take a natural course. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Bliss & Skeen CPAs.