How To Get Quickbooks Online For Free

Quickbooks is an accounting software program many small business owners use to keep track of their business finances. Even if you do not own a business, you can still use Quickbooks to get a better grasp of where your money goes every month and where you can cut expenses and pay bills off faster. Quickbooks online is the software program available through multiple sources on the internet. Here is how you can get your copy of the basic software package for free. Read More 

Maximize Your Cash Flow Through Expert Analysis - Advantages Of An External Budgeting Service

If you own and operate your own business, it's likely that you have a skill or passion for the industry you're involved in. Unfortunately, in many cases, that may not extend to a natural gift for the financial side of business ownership. Operating within a stable budget is an absolutely essential part of any management strategy, but it can be a challenge to formulate that budget in the first place. Read More 

Selecting A Tax Strategy For Funding A College Savings Plan

Because of the number of years involved, the postponement of taxes plays a vital role in maximizing the value of a college savings plan. The deferral of taxes provides extra leverage as additional earnings on the unpaid taxes accumulate. Parents or guardians of future college students can compare differing tax strategies and select one that better suits their individual situation. Section 529 plans The most widely known option for saving money for future education expenses is a 529 plan. Read More 

3 Tips To Help You Clean Up Your Small Business Accounting This Spring

Spring is a great time to make sure that everything is clean and in order with your business, including your finances. Here are three tips that will help you clean up your small business accounting and finances this spring. #1 Check All Of Your Subscriptions One of the things that can really drain your small business account without you even realizing it are subscription fees. Create a spreadsheet that shows all products and services that your business subscribes to that come with a reoccurring fee. Read More 

Tips For Setting Up A Bookkeeping Solution For Your New Retail Store

If you are in the early stages of setting up your new retail store, then it is important that you understand how to properly set up your bookkeeping process. Since few things are as important as managing your business's finances, it is vital that you set things up correctly from day one. If things are not set up correctly, then you will be in the unenviable position of having to go back and try to recreate how money was spent or earned and this is a waste of your time and energy that can better be spent elsewhere. Read More